Tax Tips for Real Estate Investors & Agents

There are a great many tax advantages for those who invest in real estate and understanding them is a crucial part of real estate investing.

Here are a few of tips for investors & real estate agents to help with taxes.

*This is not tax advice – please consult a tax proffessional.

Three things Agents need to Track & Keep Organized


Most agents work in a transactional capacity – you get paid when you help buy or sell a home. Keeping track of your commission and tax rate on it will help during tax time. Set aside that amount on each commission you receive – so there are no surprises during tax time!


Depending on how far you’re driving to show homes, your mileage can rack up quickly. Make sure to keep track of mileage per client and pass over to your tax professional.


Whether you’re paying photographers, creating flyers and open house signs or buying ads in the penny saver, you need to keep track of your expenses to advertise your services.

Three Questions to ask Your CPA

Do you have RE Investor clients? 

This allows you to see if they are familiar with real estate investing and if other investors entrust them with their business. 

Do you have expertise in real estate tax laws?

Real estate tax laws are some of the most complicated, so finding a CPA who understands long term vs short term gains, depreciation, deductions, ways to get the most out of our returns/investments.

How often can we meet? 

This is an important question to understand how often you have access to them and what’s included in their services. Meeting quarterly allows you to discuss any new properties purchased or sold, quarterly income projections or big purchases made for your business. 

Understanding your epenses and how to keep track of them will help you come tax time. Getting a good CPA and book keeper that understands your business is even more important. If you have any questions about investing in real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to